Interviewing pictures

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I decided to try out a creative technique to think about unruly politics.

I took two days of newspapers of EL TIEMPO (one of the oldest newspapers in my country) and looked at what was happening only with the images in this two days. Trump everywhere, two types of protest in Colombia, one big one in Brazil and the same in Venezuela. But also at the end of the newspapers cartoons and the section called “social” which I name “happiness”. Everything in the newspaper.

It was fun doing this but also while I was cutting the pictures and putting them together sometimes I felt uncomfortable to use the images of people I didn’t know (especially the ones in the social section)… am I mocking them? I think so… do they deserve that? No… but they will never find this blog… So I continued. This uncomfortable feeling I felt it also in the unruly events I participated in Brighton. It was a lot fo fun, but there was always an air of being identified and of not knowing really what I was doing. Making this collage in my house gave me sometimes the shills…

I don’t really want to say much because I would like people to take time and look at the collage.

  • What do you feel? What do you think?
  • Would you take something out, or would you put something in? What elements are unruly, what elements are not unruly?
  • Is this unruly politics for you?
  • Is the collage an unruly way to do an marked blog?

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