From Welfare to Entrepreneurial State

Some findings from essay writing:

  • There is a certain threshold ratio ofmazzucato words to hours till deadline after which the essay writing process  assumes liminality.
  • The mainstream paradigm in economics is neoclassical.
  • I disproportionately cite one author in many papers.

I probably do this because there  is a bit of brilliance spanning across a range of her different publications; or, i just need to read wider.

Mariana Mazzucato taught at Sussex Spru until last year. Shes a rock star, celebrity economist who works on matters of innovation. The majority of her work has been disruptive to long-held mainstream conventions about innovation, her work is a beacon of unruliness in an otherwise boring discipline.

Her book the entrepreneurial state challenges the myth of the herculean entrepreneur who allocates factors of production in such unique ways as to create new markets against all odds. Instead her research shows that in all the most significant tech breakthroughs (internet, biotech, GPS, siri, all i-phone components etc) it is the state that has provided favourable financing and set a vision. She also proposes that the state keep equity in successful ventures downstream that it has financed, so that it can continue to generate revenue for funding more innovation. this is her Tedtalk:

This is her on twitter challenging Dani Rodrik – probably the most well-known development economists – about his theory of self-discovery.


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