Dyslexia: The Silent Painting


The Dyslexia Painting

If you google Ranciere and Dyslexia, you won’t probably find anything (if you found anything, please send it for my dyslexic self :D). It seems like Ranciere doesn’t give a shit about my dyslexia. However, I can relate to his so-called work (he should be happy :P).

I have always been a ADHD kid and little I know about my flawed-learning abilities. I only knew I was dyslexia short time ago. I googled dyslexia to make sense of the senseless and basically I don’t fit in this ‘Pedagogical Society’. Written words are my enemy, they make no sense to me and this is why they hate me. Well, if we say the so-often used word (which I see ridiculous to be honest) ‘common sense’ is not so common. I have been made a recluse by what is a common sense.

As, Ranciere talked about Flaubert (this badass!), refuse to make his writings enslaved to what meaningful should look like. For most of the time, I have been told that I am detached from my own writings and I started recording what I think to put in to words (After all, my verbal ability and logic reasoning is 75% above the whole population- smart, huh?- however, I really don’t know what this means). For me, in the beginning it was sad and I even was scared to post my blogs. I felt like I don’t know how to please words and you know what, fuck it! I mean, I will celebrate my own unruly learning abilities and be proud of it. However, in the end I have to make any sort of alliance with words, because of my dissertation apparently.

So, was Flaubert Unrulisit Badass or an idiot? Well, to relate to my case, it seems like we are both to this systems are idiots (Smart idiots though). I mean I was told I have problems with capitalization and punctuation plus many other stuff (which you might notice, probably I won’t). However, I am not ignoring capitalization or over doing it, regardless of its systematic boring pragmatic importance. I sometimes capitalize the words out of love and sometimes out of complete feelings of boredom. However, this all happens subconsciously.

The Aesthetic of the ‘impasse’  to imply the entrapment in the world that can’t be altered and thus the normalization of this counter-system of pedagogy is for me an act of exclusion of myself, where there are no alternative and thus I am stuck -figuratively- in my own head (I am even crying, when I am writing this:P Fuck I have no place :D)

The aesthetic-zation of pedagogy is Fascist, the hegemonic learning self goes against creativity and the inclusion of any other type of production of knowledge. My knowledge is relatively irrelevant to this system whatsoever.

“the written word is like a silent painting that remains on its body the movements that animatight incarnate their power ” Says the Badass Ranciere

My dyslexia is a vivid painting, that make no sense to the silent painting. I didn’t intend to have unruly cool dyslexic self, but I do and its not going anywhere, it seems to me that my writings are negotiation of power and attempts for my end for validation and inclusion.

Thank you Ranciere and contemporary artists for trying to validate my existence in the written world

Much unruly love to you,



One thought on “Dyslexia: The Silent Painting

  1. I like this so much Menna. I can see how you understand Ranciere – he turns out to be an ally to you, surprisingly since his wordage is so dense. That’s a great insight you’ve given us.


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