For Our Cyborg Selves



Unruly Students worshipping the ‘Sussex Eye’ The Tab May, 2016

“I mean, it can be for our good. You see I have a son and I think its for his safety” She says. I was sitting on the grass along with other colleagues planning for our unruly event and her words were not complying to the overall unspoken agreed perception of the issue. But, it make sense! Her words make absolute sense, although I was kind of estranged by her opinion, nevertheless, she can be right. I mean we are the Cyborgs Harraway talked about. We have consolidated identity that override anything else. It is delusional separation that we have consciously between technology and reality.

For the attractiveness of how unruliness can be, despite this her words voided my unruly thoughts. She is talking about how surveillance can protect her son. In other word, for me all can I see, is the hybridity of our cyborg selves. Her son’s body ontologically bound to the function of the camera. I might have thought the same if I had a son. Oh, wait, I am a woman, I can already consider this machine part of my living organism. We are not separable, my identity as an Egyptian mid-twenties female walking late at night, made me even more of a  luring union to the camera.

Our group project on the Sussex Eye in the library square, was so much fun. However, it made me contemplate how the Sussex Eye, which we consider (as in my group) a tool of surveillance, might be perceived by others. Is it really a tool to protect us or to control us? Harraway sees the cyborg as with deep operatively, even more than the ‘biopolitics’ analysis of the micro-practices of power.

I remember this time, when we were organizing a protest and we went on the streets and then some of our friends were arrested. We were all terrified, that his Facebook profile will be examined by the national security officers once they have his phone and all his belongings. His Facebook account has everything about him: his political opinions, his friends and many other things. We started reporting his account to get the account closed down. It felt like we were cutting part of him to save him. I mean, I found it weird to report my friend’s account on Facebook, in order to save him, because anything can be held against him.

However, it is so difficult to find this clear line between thy ‘myth’ and the ‘tool’, it feels like the myth is a tool rather than the tool is a myth. The cyborg recreate bodies and change social reality, it made the prohibit communicable, but it is inside us and no longer operating on us. The cyborg is ‘us’.

I couldn’t tell my colleague that it’s not true what she thinks of the camera. The Camera is not going to protect your son and I was as well not convinced that it will protect her son. But, I couldn’t tell her, while everyone was talking and telling the truth beneath the existence of the ‘Sussex Eye’, regardless, I couldn’t speak .



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